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Kitesurfing holiday in Thailand 2020

Water Donkey is organising Kitesurfing Holiday in Thailand. Learn this fantastic sport on the great beaches of Pak Nam Pran. Choose any date between 20.01.2020 -10.03.2020

Unforgettable Kite holiday from 579 eur
  2020 PRICES  

1 person in a room directly on the beach - 739 eur

2 persons in a room directly on the beach- 445 eur per person

3 persons in a room directly on the beach- 335 eur per person

4 persons in a room directly on the beach- 279 eur per person


***Kitesurfing course cost aditional 300eur per person**

Screenshot 2020-01-05 at 16.16.03.png
Screenshot 2020-01-05 at 16.09.54.png

-  9 x nights at the **** resort on the beach in a bungalow for 4 people with pool


- Transportation Bangkok-Pak Nam Pran Bangkok Airport (from the airport to the resort and back) Tansportation (auto or van) will await you upon your arrival at the airport and take you directly to your hotel where we will be waiting for you.


- 2x guided, half day excursion to famous attractions arround the place


   * 1 x guided visit to the town of Hua-Hin, which is about 30km away (tour of the       "temple of kings", tour to the elephant farm, tour to the "temple" of monkeys, tour to  traditional Thai markets in Hua Hin)


    *1 x guided Visit to Mangrove Forest Park and a panoramic adventure scooter ride to the famous beach a few kilometers from the location (sightseeing and swimming

at Doplhin bay beach). We take both trips with scooters.


- managing and organizing the whole program, tips and ideas for local cuisine, sightseeing and other local attractions


 - 12 hours Kitesurfing course with IKO certificate ( cost 300eur per person )



-Flight tickets 

(estimated price is 450-550eur depending on the day of booking)


-The cost of food and drink (breakfast, lunch, dinner and more)


-The cost of any transport by tuk-tuk or taxi and additional activities e.g. (tour of the Temple of the Kings and any other entrance fees) for a guided tour of Hua-hina and its attractions


-The cost of a scooter (highly recommended), which is the basic transport  in Pak nam Pran (to the beach, shops, pubs, restaurants ...) 

The cost of renting one scooter for 2 people during your stay in Thailand is 50eur 



- It is advisable for scooter drivers to have an international driving license

which should be shown in case you are stopped by the police. Otherwise a fine of EUR 12 - 50 may be paid.


- The cost of any activities that you choose in your spare time

- The cost of shopping and any tips



- Health insurance with assistance abroad


- Cancellation insurance by the guest or registered person

 Settlements must be settled within 24 hours at latest when the reservation was made.  The same applies to cancellation risk insurance

  airport tickets.




Thailand is a very popular tourist destination, offering incredible nature, activities, cuisine there, loads of adventures and unforgettable moments.   It is a  suitable destination for all of you who will meet Asia for the first time and maybe travel outside Europe. However, that is not all. Thailand is one of the most visited tropical destinations due mainly to 3 factors:

       - is very affordable  


     - an extremely diverse and friendly country, especially Buddhist people there, are one of the friendliest in Asia  


      - it is generally considered to be one of the most beautiful tropical destinations with paradise beaches, constant temperatures between 27-33 degrees and excellent conditions for learning or just performing kitsurfing


 Forget about the world around you!  


The place where we are settled is called Pak Nam Pran. It is a very quiet and beautiful small town with beautiful beaches and excellent conditions for kitesurfing. Constant wind and warm water, approx. 27-28 C


Due to the location of the city and especially the large and long beaches, among other things, we avoid the large crowds of people and tourists.   Also, the resort **** where you are staying is a beautiful and peaceful location by the sea (approx. 10m away) with a beautiful tropical style swimming pool.


In this way, we can truly relax, devote ourselves and the people around us, and above all, learn  how to Kitesurf  and later ride independently.


Almost literally you will step out of the room into the sea or pool.   Thailand's offer is a truly unique and  colored holiday destination that is right for everyone.

For those who want to learn kitesurfing , for  passionate riders or if you just   want to spend the cold winter days under a palm tree, drink a fresh coconut or 2 and enjoy the most beautiful tropical beaches.



Everything you need to know about

your next dream destination



A visa is not required to enter Thailand for up to 30 days.  Passports should have at least six months of validity when traveling internationally.




We use the Thai Baht in Thailand. ATMs and exchange offices are mostly located in all major cities. Before leaving to Thailand, it is necessary to announce to your personal bank where you are leaving and put your card on the "whitelist" during your trip so that the card will be functional abroad and will not block you.





(1EUR = 33THB) is subject to change according to the exchange rate.



The area of ​​the coast where we are going is not problematic, so vaccination is not necessary.




In tourist resorts, people speak English and in less developed places only Thai.




Thailand is a very well-developed transport country, which offers us several transport options. From Bangkok Airport to Pak Nam Pran, where you will be located, you will take a taxi (Van). We will ride scooters along the coast.

NOTE: Thailand, like England, has a left-hand drive rule.





Thailand is very interesting for its food and is known as a land of exceptional cuisine. The food offer is huge, from the most prestigious restaurants to the street stalls, which also serve great, delicious and cheap food. As an attraction and what to pay attention in Thailand is the amount of chilli that is added to the dishes wich is significantly more burning in us  . It is not advisable to drink tap water, so it is always advisable to use bottled water.





Thailand is a very safe country as Thais are predominantly Buddhist, but as always, caution is not superfluous. It is advised that you always have all the valuable things in your control.




In Thailand, it is very easy and cheap to buy a sim card for a phone with Internet GB. Typically, this is arranged upon arrival at Bankog Airport, as this kind of offer is the same as in cities. In principle, they have wifi in restaurants and bungalows.




Food and drink are very cheap (meals from 4-6 EUR), water 1 EUR, beer 1-2 EUR and coffee around 1 EUR, souvenirs, clothing from 5 EUR onwards. The planned additional daily cost per person is somewhere between 10-20 EUR, depending on individual needs.




If you have decided to join us on an unforgettable trip to Thailand, please email us on



 With a 40% down payment before the trip, our offer is accepted and the application is confirmed.


 In case of cancellation, the advance payment shall be stated as belonging to the provider.

The registered person must (optionally - optional)make special insure for his / her travel  with the insurance company in order to receive the full amount paid upon registration.

This must be done no later than 24 hours after the application has been submitted.   The passenger shall pay the difference between the total price and the prepayment to the provider at least 15 days before the start of the journey. 


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